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Britt Kreitman

Britt Kreitman Entrepreneurial & Spiritual Coaching

Helping you get to where you need to be.

Meet Britt

Healer | Reader | Spiritual Coach

Hi, I'm Britt.

After spending far too many years on the corporate-America treadmill, I found myself without a feeling of true connection or a sense of purpose.

I decided I needed to rebalance my life.

I now keep one foot in the business world and one foot in the spiritual world, and I work towards helping others do the same.


Your livelihood and your inward journey support one another.  If you're feeling weighed down by one or the other, I'm here to help you restore that balance.  

Britt Kreitman

What I Specialize In


The journey to fulfillment begins with

finding your way.

Britt was amazing to work with. I didn’t know the first thing about developing a website and she held my hand throughout all of the beginning stages as well as helped me with questions I had along the way. Not only is Britt diligent, responsive and experienced, she is also very personable and intuitive. I highly recommend hiring Britt for all things business & spiritual!

- Laura R.

I took the workshop because I was given a message in another class a few months ago to accept help with my business in all forms. Additionally, I wanted to support Britt in her own business endeavor. I appreciated that Britt and Christine provided information about what to expect including scheduling and topics that would be covered so I could prepare for the weekend. Both Britt and Christine were very knowledgeable and experienced about their individual themes. They often expanded on ideas, detouring to things we were interested in, and providing so many great resources with ease of memory from personal use or tried and true experiences. I was able to create many action items out of both days that I have already started implementing and working on. Their combined efforts really helped to organize and put into action months of ideas that hadn't even materialized on paper yet. I would highly recommend this workshop if they offer it again in the future. 

- Erin D.

"I wanted to post about the absolutely awesome tarot reading I had done by Britt Kreitman. She was super nice and extremely helpful!! The tarot reading was incredibly insightful. She didn't rush me and helped me realize some things from the past that are still having a huge effect on me today."

- Danielle C.

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Let's get started.

  • A 20 min session to introduce you to Reiki healing.

    20 min
    15 British pounds

  • 45 min
    40 British pounds
  • Available Online
    Gain insights from tarot cards & their interpretation.

    30 min
    25 British pounds
  • Available Online
    Coaching session with use of spiritual tools & techniques.

    1 hr
    65 British pounds
  • Available Online
    Meet & Greet to discuss needs and goals.

    30 min
  • Available Online
    Discussion of website needs, evaluation of current online presence.

    1 hr
    75 British pounds
  • Available Online
    Go over your current business situation, work together to reach goals.

    1 hr
    75 British pounds

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