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Bouncing Back

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

In early July, in true Leo fashion, I was a bit overconfident with my sweet new eBike - going 15mph and thought I'd just hop up on a curb with my 29" rugged tires, no problem, and carry on my merry way to work.

Given my inexperience, unfounded overconfidence, speed & poor judgment on curb height...I locked up the front brakes, went flying over the handlebars and face-planted directly into the pavement.  Lost a few teeth, fractured my lower jaw, bruised up all my bits, pulled all the muscles in my thumbs and roadrash'd the hell out of myself. 

A miserable, long, expensive day ensued (complete with ambulances, hospitals, emergency dentistry, no food or water, and a whole lot of OUCH) - and mercifully ended with me collapsing onto the recliner at home, sore and thoroughly exhausted.

Five mornings later, I was carefully trekking to the train station to head back to work, feeling and looking significantly better. 

I wanted to share a few tips that got me to the point where I could get back to life a little more quickly than some might:

1) SLEEP. Like as much as you can.  Your body uses your sleeping time to heal - so give it as much as possible.  If you're in a lot of pain I know it can be tough - so if you can't sleep, at least don't exert yourself.  Your body needs to use alllll available energy to heal.

2) EAT (the right things).  In addition to rest, your body needs the right building blocks to heal.  I made sure to get as much protein-shake in me as I could, I took my multivitamins every day and added some antioxidants too.

3) CHILL.  I mean mentally and physically.  Keeping your mind in the right place is hugely influential to healing.  If you stress yourself out too much it can hinder and prevent the healing process from working as quickly as it can.  Meditate, veg out with the tv, or just do something low key.

4) REACTIVATE (slllowly).  While I was loafing about for those 4 days - I would try to make sure that my day was 98% rest and 2% pushing myself a little bit so that my muscles wouldn't forget how to work or get stiff from inactivity.  I would walk the dogs, do some laundry, stretch out as much as I comfortably could, just move a little so your body doesn't get used to being inactive or it'll be a longer journey back to your usual level of functioning.

I also am fortunate enough to be part of the reiki community, so I would use a little bit on myself each day & supplemented it with a bit from some of my fellow practitioners - and it worked wonders for my mental state, my circulation, my energy and overall good feels.

In conclusion: Take CARE of yourselves! :)

Day 1, Day 2 > Day 30

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