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Swept Off To: Edinburgh

Slumped in a stiff airport chair, caffeine in hand, looking wistfully out the window to take in my last sunrise in the first city I have ventured to outside my homeland. 

The rolling green hills in the distance are covered in misty gold, and it makes my chest ache to leave them behind so soon.  After a whirlwind 4 days, I realize that I could easily spend a whole month here & it would still not be enough.  

The people and places that I have experienced while here have left me with a nagging Wanderlust - both to return here for more, as well as to see the rest of the world.  I feel inspired, motivated & simultaneously a bit frustrated.  

I am so deeply inspired by the culture here, inspired & a bit envious.  The work/life balance in Scotland has so much more priority than in the U.S.  Stores open at 9 and close at 6, then everyone goes off home or out to a pub - interacting with their fellow humans.  There are some trades that push the limits, but overall there is so much more emphasis on interpersonal relationships.  There is a certain social simplicity here that also inspires me, as well as a love of their own history that many Scots (especially Highlanders) hold close to them.  I admire that, and their passion has inspired me to learn more about the history of my own home. 

With this newfound inspiration comes a profound surge of motivation.  

Motivation to find ways to explore.  Motivation to save money that would otherwise be spent on frivolous things.  Motivation to redirect my goals to a different end.  This trip has helped illuminate for me what is truly important: experiencing the rest of my world - instead of just reading about it.  

I cannot express enough how unbelievably vital it is to go explore.  Experiencing different people, places and things broadens one’s horizons infinitely.  I can tell you firsthand: taking a few deep breaths of the crisp clean air here, whilst looking out across one of nature’s truly magical gives you a potent shiver down your spine...and you feel more alive than you ever have. 

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